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TO:  Go-To-Web-Person

FROM:  Chuck Harris, Managing Partner

DATE:  July 21, 2024

RE:  Open Letter to higher ed marketing and communications teams regarding your website

As the go-to-web-person, you're the person everyone turns to for web stuff. Maybe you're a web developer by trade, but more likely than not, running the website wasn't even in your job description. Yet, somehow here you are in charge of the department website or even several websites. 

So Many Hats
There are so many hats to wear when it comes to running a college website: site designer, content manager and tech person to keep it all running. Maybe you've got help, or maybe you're wearing all three hats. And what happens when something goes wrong?

More with Less
You got the memo from the chancellor with the mandate to do more with less. With shrinking budgets, fewer staff, tighter deadlines, it's no wonder you're working harder and staying later and later at the office.

Let Us Help
We've been in your shoes and know how hard it can be. Fortunately, running a college website has never been easier with the help of Edu Engine.

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