What Happens When The $@&# Hits The Fan?

What happens when something goes wrong with your website? Who you gonna call?

A co-worker down the hall just stopped by to let you know the site is down. The dean just emailed wondering, “When will the site be up?” Even though you’ve sent an email and told 3 people the same thing in the past 5 minutes, here comes another knock on your door wanting to know the ETA on when the site is going to be back up. If you’re the web guy or web gal, then you know you’re in for what’s going to be a long day!

What about minor fixes and tweaks to the website? Because you’re so short-staffed and over-tasked, you become a bottleneck. Worse case, you become the grump always saying, “no,” to new web projects and innovation.

How about vacations or contingencies for illness? With little or no support and no one to back you up, the buck stops with you. Not how you pictured it when you took the position.

Time to get some help.